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Sick and tired of matching jewels and gems? Daydreaming about flinging eyeballs from a rusty cannon? Meet Eyegore. He needs your help to sort his eyeball collection, so he can get back to his evil plans.

This exciting new action puzzle game from the creators of Sneezies brings a whole new spin to a beloved genre. Fire the multi colored eyeballs from Eyegore's cannon into the swinging, spinning clump of eyes he's strung up in his lair. Match 3 or more eyes of the same color to clear them, and try to remove them all.

This game was designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing smooth and natural tilting controls to influence the swinging of the eyeballs, so you can always find the best possible shots.

With beautiful hand drawn graphics throughout, crazy sounds and music, and endless replay value, Eyegore's Eye Blast will give hours of fun. There are 3 difficulty settings for the main game, and 30 additional puzzle stages to play through.

  • 3 difficulty settings
  • Endlessly re-playable
  • 30 puzzle stages
  • Dozens of achievements to unlock
  • Continue/resume game if interrupted

Now you can also try the Lite version for FREE.

There is a bunch to like with this game beginning with the outstanding gameplay. Bust-A-Move is a great game, and Eyegore builds upon it... Eyegore’s Eye Blast is one of the very best puzzle games in the App Store. The eyeball theme is an amazing idea, and implemented wonderfully. The ability for the eyeball clump to be tilted and spun reinvents the puzzle bobble style... Do yourself a favor, and get this game right away, a definite must buy.


This has a lot of longevity and has that vital "one more go" ingredient. I'm just so addicted to this game and have had my money's worth of entertainment many times over.

iTunes Reviewer

If you’ve not played this sub-genre of the match 3 game before, forget the high profile ones that “everyone’s” playing. This is the place you want to be. The visuals are top notch, the music and sound effects create quite an atmosphere, and the whole “dangling from a chain” mechanic add a fresh spin to the genre that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Overall Score: 9.5/10

iPhone Life

Buy it, this puzzle game is well-made, value priced, and does some cool new things for the puzzle genre with its dynamic board... Despite the macabre idea of flinging eyeballs around, it’s all just strangely charming... This game is addictive, and provides some uniquities to the puzzle genre.

The Portable Gamer